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"Dog Stories"
told by the people who love them


Starring Al Woodley
& our Fury friends  

Creator-Producer-DP- Writer Marceil Wright
Creator- Producer-Editor Al William


"Anna East"

 when the world as you know it no longer exists... escape is the only plan

          based on the novel

      "the tales of anna east"

           by Lauren elliott 


      Produced by  Angelyn Williams  

        Director of Photography Noriko Sugiura    Starring

Tonya Pinkins, Carol Lynn Maillard

&  Joy Hooks     

           Script adaptation by Lauren Elliott          (Co-Producer-Director)

  "Finding Lorraine"

"Playwright Activist  Lorraine Hansberry leads the fight against civil rights and her own personal freedom"  

Voice of Lorraine Hansberry-Linda Beasley

from Lorraine Hansberry's personal letters

Director of Photography - Noriko Sugiura


Estrogenius Short Play Festival NYC
"Green Dating"
written by Chantal Bilodeau
Starring: Massiel Armengot
DeAngelo M Kearns

New Federal Theatre Playwright Presentation NYC
"Nia's Diary"
written by Viani Evans
Starring: Marie Louise Guinier
Asha John

  "30 Years to Life"

A group of friends each face an emotional crisis as they approach thirty years of age.
a film by Vanessa Middleton

  "Alien Abduction"
a friend is abducted by aliens


 Field production class project
& Studio Production
had 2 hours to create & complete


"The Mole"


I loved the TV show "The Mole" hosted by Anderson my physical therapist suggested  I make an audition tape to be considered. I didn't get on the show But we had a lot of fun making this video
Writer Dara McNiel (my physical Therapist)
Special Effects Make Up Artist Michelle Lee
Interviewer Actor Rudolph Hamilton, Jr

"The Man and His Music"
Buddy Collette"

Buddy was a dear friend of mine. I was so inspired by his legacy and was honored that he allowed me to film him at what he does!

"Special Blend"clip
48 Hour Film Project

Produced by Marceil Wright
Urban Artery Films

 "Also Known as girl"

my first 35mm short Film
I won Best Short Film at the San Diego Black FF, Dover FF and DoBoy's Dozen's Short FF

execuitive Producer Sinbad
Producer by Marceil Wright & Eugine Williams

"Chicken Bone"
Los Angeles City College final student super 8mm filmproject

NBPC awarded me best student Special merit award, presenteers Danny Glover  & Loretta 

Joy Hooks

"Boseman & Lena"
"House of Blue Leaves"
(Director -Videographer)


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